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21-Sep-2017 06:54

If it is a pre-exisiting condition, is it just going to get worse? Because he wears diapers, does he actually ever put himself in a position to take long car rides, or go anywhere restrooms are not convenient?Maybe he doesn't and stays close to home because of it. Again we are not talking about a woman who was already in love with this person and the condition happened, we are talking about a woman meeting this man and having to decide if she is willing to have his condition affect her, too. There was a good mix from both sides for 'okay with it' and 'not okay with it'.That makes me wonder, did you read that profile too? Place the condom catheter, strap the sealed urine bag on his thigh and go to the amusement park, go on the long car ride all you want. I would not suggest this for bed, but it would not bother me in the least if he needed some extra protection while sleeping.While I enjoy sleeping next to my partner in the "buff" ...I spent three years in home health care and left because I hate changing adult diapers! Not dating someone because their eyes are green instead of blue is shallow.

The majority of women that I have met were of the 'not okay with it' group.I dated a man for several months who had recently had major surgery.