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20-Jan-2018 13:57

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Tio tribri

Now, there have always been intergenerational gay couples but they do seem to be more common these days.

One reason might be the shift towards more conservative, traditional views of couplehood.

Of course there are a lot of powerful forces (like ageism) keeping most gay couples in generational parity (more on that later).

So how is it that thousands of non-celebrities as well as celebrities like fashion icon Tom Ford, Olympic diver Tom Daley, and movie star Matt Bomer (click here to see pictures of their partners) are coupled in significantly older/younger relationships?

The "attraction switches" in younger guys who prefer older guys track closer to heterosexual women's attraction switches.

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" I've seen profiles that say, "If you're gay and gray, stay away!

" isn't going to work either since he wasn't around at the height of Saturday Night Live's Wayne's World.

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