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Holiff's locker was opened after he died by suicide in 2005.Many of these never-seen-before images and audio files were shared with Daily, giving a illuminating insight into the life and relationships of troubled Cash and his manager.Saul Holiff recorded an audio diary about what it was like to manage Johnny Cash.At the height of the country star's addiction, he would come to Holiff in the early hours of the morning trying to find where he could buy pills (pictured in Ventura, 1961)Using audio diaries, taped phone calls, photographs, letters and notebooks discovered in a storage locker belonging to Holiff, the book features a huge amount of rare new material on Cash.Johnny Cash's drug problem was far worse than many people thought - and led to him crashing cars, cancelling entire tours and taking over 100 pills a day, according to the author of a bombshell new book about the country legend.He once even smashed his then-mistress June Carter's Cadillac into telephone pole, knocked out his teeth and was refused treatment from doctors who believed the injured star was 'bad news'.

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The picture in which Italian-descent Vivian appears to have a darker complexion later appeared in the January 1966 edition of the Thunderbolt white supremacist magazine under the headline 'Arrest Exposes Johnny Cash's Negro Wife'.

In 1966, the far-right racist publication Thunderbolt, which claimed to carry 'The White Man's Viewpoint', reprinted a photo of Johnny and his first wife Vivian Liberto with the incorrect assumption that she was black.

It prompted the Ku Klux Klan to go on the attack against Cash The article goes on to claim: 'The best kept secret since the Atomic Bombs been the fact that singer Johnny Cash has a Negress for a wife and they have four mongrelized children …

You really feel for her as a Catholic woman having to do that.

Then Johnny's accountant sends a letter to Saul saying "Apparently he's leaving this up to you".'The book also details the shocking campaign of hatred launched by the KKK to Cash and Holiff - and includes the racist article that sparked it off - thought to be the only copy in existence.He found trying to bring 669 dexedrine tablets and 475 tranquilizer pills from Mexico to the US.