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17-Jun-2017 09:42

The media conglomerates Disney and 21st Century Fox have agreed on a deal in which the former will acquire most of the latter for a whopping billion.

After the acquisition Fox will retain control of only the news and sports businesses, including Fox News.

European streaming music services aren't happy with Apple taking royalties from them, and they've signed a plea for European Commission to pressure Apple, The Verge reports.

According to Spotify, Deezer, and others, Apple shouldn't be taking 30 percent royalties when user purchases their Premium streaming service.

Unfortunately at this point the support for such devices is fairly limited as you'll have to have HTC Vive.

There are still bugs and the device support is obviously something to be improved, and that's probably why it was released via Steam Early Access, but one can hope for quick updates in the future.

After releasing what is the most revolutionary change in i Phones since perhaps their introduction, Apple has been suffering from shortages that accumulated from pre-release production problems.They are claiming that the social media companies are abusing content creators to further their own businesses.The plea claims, according to Yahoo News that Facebook, among others, has become a de facto news aggregator for many people who read content created by these news agencies.Lately, however, the queues to buy yourself an i Phone X have been shortening, and some analysts have suggested that this is not due to lower demand but instead Apple has managed to iron out most of the production problems with its suppliers.

All seems to be well in the Appleland, and this would only suggest a new record-breaking Holiday quarter?

There's also support for traditional video which can be viewed with a VR headset.