Who is dennis quaid dating

09-Oct-2017 21:52

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Shortly after photos of Auzina and Quad surfaced, a source claimed, “Dennis stole Santa away from her husband and babies!

They were together until recently and now she has given up her family to be with a 62-year-old!

Delivering a stunning portrayal of frustrated Mid-western teenager Mike, he delightfully found himself being showered with critics' huge praise to soon garner widespread attention from both U.

In June, Jimenez posted photos of the two, including one of he and Auzina romping in the surf.

And on June 28, the day Kimberly filed for divorce from Quaid, Auzina gushed on Facebook about her “beautiful life” with Jimenez.

When Radar contacted Jimenez and asked about the status of his marriage with Auzina, he replied: “I just live my life.

That’s hard enough as a single dad with two kids.” Before the most recent divorce filing, Quaid and his ex, Kimberly, split twice — each filed for divorce at different times in 2012 — but they eventually made up on both occasions.

Along with the timing, the difference in their ages — he’s 62, she’s 30 — and the fact that Auzina was calling Quaid her “love” and “soul mate” barely six weeks into their relationship has raised some eyebrows.